Book Break Cafe is a concept for my Touchpoint Journey Project. The purpose of this project was to develop a brand and design how users would interact with the brand on multiple points of interaction. My goal was to develop a brand and user experience for a library coffee shop called Book Break Cafe. Book Break Cafe is the perfect spot for introverts. They can get a cup of coffee, pick a book, and enjoy their peace and quiet while sipping a delicious drink. The atmosphere is cozy and styled as a vintage library setting. The book collection is curated into different genres and has a special shelf of monthly favorites to browse. The shop also offers a seasonal menu of special drinks dedicated to well-loved literary classics. It’s a perfect spot to read, work, study, or simply unwind. The experience design aims to be consistent with the brand’s goal and to attract their target audience as well as provide multiple points of connection for users with the brand on different platforms.
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