The project, "Threads of Culture," focused on presenting Ukrainian ethnical clothing as a contemporary fashion show within an exhibition space. The primary goal of this project was to design a user experience that would immerse visitors in the rich cultural history and contemporary significance of the clothing.
To achieve this, the project incorporated multiple research methods, including building a model of the exhibition space. The final deliverables included a poster and brochure design, branding, and merchandise such as tote bags and poststamps. Additionally, four renderings of the museum interior were created to give visitors a sense of what they could expect to see and experience within the exhibit space.
Throughout the project, a strong emphasis was placed on storytelling and creating a cohesive user experience for visitors. The exhibition space was carefully designed to take visitors on a journey through Ukrainian cultural history, with each piece of clothing telling a unique story. The result was an immersive and engaging experience that celebrated the beauty and significance of Ukrainian ethnical clothing.
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