This project was a team effort, in which our task was to design wrap arounds for six utility boxes located in the Sacramento area. The purpose of the project was to create visually appealing and engaging designs that would represent and celebrate the community.
To approach the project, we collaborated to come up with a color scheme that would be consistent across all six boxes. We also narrowed down on a particular style that we thought would be appropriate for the location and audience. Each team member contributed by drawing a certain amount of the illustrations that would be used on the boxes. We then pooled our illustration database to create different scenes that we defined for each box, ensuring that the designs were relevant to the location and community. Throughout the process, we held critiques and sought collaborative input to ensure that the final designs met the expectations of all team members and effectively communicated our design goal.
The illustrations presented individually on this page have been personally illustrated by me, and the layout of the boxes below is a collaborative effort of the whole team.
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